『Art Gravity2024』

『Art Gravity2024 APPLICATION FORM』
Thank you for your participation in the international art Award Art Gravity 2024.

■ If you have set your spam mail settings before applying, please change them in advance so that you can receive emails from “application@vizionnaire.live”.
■ This is a application form, so if you have any questions or concerns about participation, please contact us at application@vizionnaire.live.e
■ That there are two ways to participate: “Group Application” and “Individual Application”. If you are a member of an art school, gallery or art organization you will need to provide your application number which contains the handout distributed by your organization.
please make sure to check with the person in charge of your organization or contact us → Email: application@vizionnaire.live
ArtGravity2024 application form (for individual applicants)
In order to prevent the disclosure of personal data, only the minimum information required for the selection process is collected when filling in the form.

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