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Digital Art Exhibition
Blanche 17
This is the first exhibition held by VIZIONNAIRE. Talented artists from all over the world were invited.The event will be held in the heart of historic Kyoto,Japan.Also available for viewing in the Virtual Gallery during exhibition period.
For more information about the event,Please visit the event page here
■ 16th - 19th March 2023
■ Art Space YOKAAN余花庵 Kyoto in Japan
■ Virtual Gallery at Gallelist3D
Participating Artists
What We Do
international exhibition
Vizionnaire utilizes digital technology to provide artists with promotional opportunities. Vizionnaire is the best platform, both real and online, to support the activities of artists around the world. Our main activities include exhibitions in museums and galleries in major cities around the world, as well as in areas of historical value. During the exhibition, a special VR-enabled virtual gallery will be set up and accessible from all over the world. We have established a personal page dedicated to each artist, which can be accessed directly by users.

International Exhibition

We utilize state-of-the-art projectors, 3D holographic displays and tablets to exhibit works of art in museums and galleries in major cities and areas of historical value around the world. In the past,obstacles of transportation, packaging, and customs have been the biggest challenges for artists in attending global art exhibitions. However,the development of digital technology has made it possible for all artwork to be protected in quality while increasing the resolution and visual quality of the work. At VIZIONNAIRE, Our goal is to maximize the use of digital technology for the advancement of art.

Virtual Gallery

During the exhibition, a special VR-compatible virtual gallery will be made available for access from anywhere in the world. It can be easily accessed from any computer or smartphone with an online environment. Exhibiting in the virtual gallery lowers the barrier for viewers and is a great benefit for artists. Our dedicated art directors and art curators will ensure that your exhibition is conceptually and effectively executed.

Participating Artist

Participants of professional artists in art exhibitions offered by VIZIONNAIRE are selected by our dedicated art curators. No one will be allowed to participate without an offer, even if they have sufficient experience and accomplishments. This will be updated for each exhibition based on VIZIONNAIRE's vision. Each participating artist will have a personal page on the VIZIONNAIRE website. You can post your information such as Email, SNS, etc. by default. VIZIONNAIRE receives no compensation and 100% of the profits go to you.

About US
We contact carefully selected artists and organize all kinds of fascinating exhibitions around the world.This is an event planning project to enrich cities through events such as digital art, painting, photography, textiles, dance and etc., and to let people around the world know about the artists worldviews and activities.

Senior Curator
Sayaka Arikawa

There isn't on same art existing in the world! A single work of art created by someone else can heal, move, excite, and motivate someone else. Art is the one and only thing that connects people and makes cities beautiful and rich, and people around the world know it. Furthermore, art is not now expressed everywhere, not only in paintings and photographs, but also in digital paintings, dance, lighting, and more. I myself am a person who loves art, painting as a hobby and being involved in dance, but I believe that being able to enrich someone's heart is an irreplaceable happiness. At Vizionnaire, we decided to start, at the same time as we started, to donate a part of the proceeds from our activities to needy children in the world. Together with people who share the same feelings. We are honored to be able to contribute to society through these activities.
   ■ We are based in Switzerland and we have two offices.
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    Office,  Gallery & Rental Space
    28-2 Matagi Nagashimacho Kuwanashi Mie

    c/o JFOOD for GOOD Sárl
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