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International Art Award
Art Gravity 2024
This International Art Award provides artists with the opportunity to make a big leap forward.We strongly encourage you to join Art Gravity 2024 as an important step in your career.
Information about the awards can be found here. ▶︎▶︎
■ The winning entries will be exhibited in Japan and Switzerland.
■ Guest artists are invited from all over the world.
■ There are prizes valid for future art activities.
■ They invite judges from all over the world.
■ Hikari Kouyama Exhibition
     @Zeze Pottery Corporation.


Japanese painter Hikari Koyama's solo exhibition will be held to commemorate the opening of the "Zeze Pottery Corporation".(膳所焼窯元陽炎園ギャラリー) "

Zeze Pottery Corporation Official Site


■ Blanche 17   Kyoto in Japan
     International Digital Art Exhibition
□ 16th – 19th March 2023
□ Art Space YOKAAN余花庵
□ Vizionnaire Virtual Gallery
Event Completed
Details of the event can be found here.

What We Do
For talented artists
VIZIONNAIRE carefully selects the best works of art from around the world. In the artistic spaces we organize, you will experience a moment when each work is vibrant and its charm resonates deeply in your heart.


Our vision is to provide a place for talented artists to shine and to spread their creativity and uniqueness throughout the world. We are passionate about creating a society where up-and-coming artists can develop their talents and their artwork inspires and moves many people. Our goal is to provide opportunities for growth to artists of undiscovered talent and to build a platform for their art to be widely recognized. Our vision is to create a community where artists inspire and grow with each other, with an emphasis on diversity and inclusiveness. We believe in the power of the arts to bring joy and enlightenment into people's lives. And we aim that our efforts will enhance the value of art and culture and have a positive impact on society.


Our mission is to help artists grow and succeed. Through a wide range of services including exhibitions, art competitions, artist management, and sales of artwork, we promote the careers of artists and showcase their work around the world. We provide an environment that harnesses creativity and respects diverse perspectives and identities, helping artists find a place to express themselves and continue to grow. Our passion is for talented artists to maximize their talents and deeply inspire society through the power of art. We work closely with the individual needs of our artists and collaborate with an experienced team to provide strategic support to maximize their career outcomes. Our mission is to pave the way for artists to express themselves with confidence and achieve worldwide recognition and success.


Visionaire focuses on artists and provides opportunities for them to be recognized worldwide. By discovering their artistic talents and providing them with a forum for expression, we help them improve their confidence, grow, and succeed. We also believe in the power of the arts, and we work with artists to enrich our culture and play a role in connecting their work with diverse audiences. Our raison d'etre is to enrich society through the arts and to share the unique perspectives and sensibilities of our artists with a wide audience. Our mission is to provide a venue for talented artists to shine and to share their creativity and uniqueness with the world. We are passionate about the growth and success of our artists. We are committed to giving them the opportunity to shine and be recognized around the world. Our art events connect artists with audiences and serve as a bridge to promote the arts.
Sustainable exhibitions and art shows with sustainability in mind

So-called "typical exhibitions" are held for only a few days, yet the air transportation of artworks, careful handling and packaging, temporary walls and decorations... It costs a great deal of money. Many items are thrown away after the exhibition period, which is a waste but unavoidable; we know it but we can't help it. ...... Such a situation continues. What kind of exhibition is it that we are aiming for? Our activity is to reduce the number of actual exhibits as much as possible and to increase the number of ways to display works using high-resolution digital projection methods. This reduces unnecessary packaging materials and decorations, and cuts down on transportation costs and equipment purchases. Of course, this is different from actual artwork. It can be difficult for customers to understand everything the artist wants to express. However, we can send the data of the artwork more smoothly and quickly, allowing many artworks and artists to spread their activities around the world without worrying about damage to the artwork. We also aim to change the style of viewing artworks by utilizing an exhibition style that mixes video and sound so that people can enjoy and appreciate sustainable art. We are very happy that there are so many artists who support this idea.

VIZIONNAIRE is registered as a Mie SDG partner for 2024 in Japan🔗

About US
Our association specializes in the planning and management of art projects. With offices in Japan and Switzerland, we focus on collaborations with companies in both countries. We offer artists from all over the world the opportunity to gain international recognition. We also actively market and manage artwork. Our goal is to help artists develop their talents and shine on the world stage. We leverage our extensive network and expertise to promote the careers of our artists and ensure that their work reaches the widest possible audience. Our commitment is to promote cultural exchange through the power of the arts and to spread the appeal of art around the world.

Senior Curator
There isn't on same art existing in the world! A single work of art created by someone else can heal, move, excite, and motivate someone else. Art is the one and only thing that connects people and makes cities beautiful and rich, and people around the world know it. Furthermore, art is not now expressed everywhere, not only in paintings and photographs, but also in digital paintings, dance, lighting, and more. I myself am a person who loves art, painting as a hobby and being involved in dance, but I believe that being able to enrich someone's heart is an irreplaceable happiness. At Vizionnaire, we decided to start, at the same time as we started, to donate a part of the proceeds from our activities to needy children in the world. Together with people who share the same feelings. We are honored to be able to contribute to society through these activities.
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