Joris Graaf
🇳🇱 Netherlands

In his abstract digital photo-art, self-taught visual artist Joris Graaf (The Hague, 1980) seeks to create tension by forming a synthesis of opposites: melody and noise, rhythm and chaos, darkness and light. His work is inspired by music and contemporary abstract painting. He is fascinated by the emotive power of colour and shape. Joris has a background in earth sciences and worked as a geologist for over a decade before shifting his focus to the arts. Recurring stylistic elements in his work are the use of an altered, minimal but intense colour palette and an interplay of order and confusion, of spontaneity and restraint. Joris’ work is on display in galleries in the Netherlands and Belgium. He was selected for New Dutch Photography Talent 2019 and Fresh Eyes (European photography talent) 2019 by GUP magazine. He works and resides in Wateringen, the Netherlands.

1. macabre in a cocktail dress
2. nothing without you
3, without any sound