Chiara Piantanida
🇮🇹 Italy

Chiara Piantanida is an italian artist, who started her personnel artistic pathway ispiring by Frida Kahlo’s artworks, finding in surrealistic elements her ideal sphere to express herself. Her works are rich in surrealistic elements and oxymorons that lead the viewer into worlds and visions of it detached from what it is imposed. The artworks are characterized by brilliant colors, that became the actors of the scene at the same time of the subjects represented; the sharp lines to divide all elements play a strategic role to declare clearly concepts that go over boundaries of time and space, where a new concept of two-dimensiolity is defined. The mixed technique approach, using generally acrilic colors and collage, allows to overtake borders, introducing new aspects for expression in the artworks, where the contrast or the union with the nature became a central theme. Surrealims and oximors, two-dimensionality and three-dimensionality, nature and impacting colors became the perfect medium for the artist to paint feelings and soul states, trying to keep the more thin facets that build a nature countinuosly in harmony and in contraddition in the meantime.

The artwork tells the journey of the men around the world, to discover its treasures and its wonders. Man can even travel thousands of kilometers away from home without ever feeling truly alone. “One is at home anywhere on this earth, if one carries everything within oneself.” Canvas: 50 x 50 cm Mixed technique: acrilic and collage on canvas 2020