🇩🇪 Germany
Digital Artist

AlekSunDoor is a creative art and music project by Alexander MGreat, founded with the aim of spreading love and inspiration to the world. Art, where esthetics and beauty are above everything, guided by imagination and fantasy.

Conceptual esthetic art that elevates consciousness and expresses true joy and happiness, digitally created with the help of imagination, Adobe Soft and AI technologies.

1. Magic Spring
A tree house fairytale, near a river’s edge, Where blossoms bloom and the breeze whispers sweet. In the springtime sun, it dangles from a ledge, A magical place where nature and dreams meet. Birds sing their songs and the water gently flows, As the world below bustles with its daily woes. But up in this haven, time seems to stand still, And the heart is filled with a peaceful thrill.

2. Magic Autumn
A tree house fairytale, surrounded by gold, In the heart of the forest, where autumn holds sway. The leaves rustle and the breeze whispers bold, As the day fades into the shades of grey. The sunbeams dance, a shower of golden light, And the forest awakes, filled with a golden night. In this autumn wonderland, all is rich and warm, And the soul is touched by a peaceful, autumnal charm.

3. Magic Winter
A tree house fairytale, perched up high, Where the winter night is ablaze with the northern lights. The sky is a canvas of vibrant hues, A symphony of colors, an awe-inspiring sight. The snowflakes dance and the wind whispers low, As the polar lights shimmer and flicker to and fro. In this winter wonderland, all is still and bright, And the heart is filled with a magical, mystical light.