International Art Award
Application Guidelines(for individual applicants)
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※Please note!!!
■ * That there are two ways to participate: “Group Application” and “Individual Application”.If you are a member of an art school, gallery or art organisation you will need to provide your application number which contains the handout distributed by your organization.please make sure to check with the person in charge of your organisation or contact us →Email:

If you are applying as a ‘group applicant’, please visit here ▶︎▶︎▶︎
■ Eligibility
Anyone can participate regardless of gender, age, nationality, style, or professional status.
・Email Address:must be able to respond to communications
・Disclaimer… must agree to it
・Applications from minors will be accepted on the condition that they have obtained consent from their legal guardians. Please submit your application after obtaining consent from your legal guardians.
■ Theme
No specific themes specified. Abstract and figurative are welcome.
■ About Artwork
1 artwork has never won an award in Japan
・acrylic, tempera, watercolor, pen, pencil, pastel, ink wash, printmaking, dyeing, paper cutting, sumi-e, ink painting, avant-garde calligraphy, traditional calligraphy, textile art, mixed media, digital art, printmaking, typography, AI-generated artwork, and more.
■ Artwork Specification
2D artworks only
・Forms that can be exhibited on wall surfaces in a 2D format, such as paintings, including canvas, boards, acrylic framing, and more.
   □ Those who will exhibit their works (physical piece) at the time of winning :
   – Carry-on  up to about 63×51’’ (about 162×130cm)
   – Sending   up to about 39×31’’ (about 100×80cm)
   For those who prefer high-quality projection display only:  No specific requirements
■ Requirements
1.Digital data of the artwork saved as JPEG / High resolution / Maximum 5MB
      – Please save the file with the format “artworktitle_artistname.jpeg”.
2.Title / Size of the artwork
3.Technical details about the artwork(type of work, introduction, etc.)
4. Brief profile on your art activities
5.Social media account name(s) where your art activities can be verified.
After completing the registration, please submit the information through the URL provided in the email from VIZIONNAIRE.
※ In case of any issues with submission, please inform us via email.
■ Regarding the judging process
・In this art award, the judging process will be conducted using digital data. The evaluation will be carried out by a panel of carefully selected judges to ensure fair assessment. The judges will review all the artworks and handle the selection process with fairness and equality.
The judging results will be announced on the VIZIONNAIRE website and SNS after notification to the artists.

■ Participation Fee
A judging fee of 17,000 yen will be charged.
※All participating works will be exhibited in the VIZIONNAIRE Virtual Gallery for a limited time.
□ NOTE:If there are any expenses incurred for the transportation of selected artworks for exhibition, it will be the responsibility of the artist.
If the artist themselves will handle the delivery and removal of the artwork, please ensure that it is done on the specified date and time.

■ Payment Method
▶︎ Online Payment:The payment URL will be sent via email after your application.
Our payment service utilizes “Stripe,” which is used in 135 countries worldwide. Stripe supports VISA, Mastercard, Amex, Discover, Diner’s Club, Apple Pay, and more. Please feel assured and use your card with confidence.
▶︎ Bank Transfer:Bank details for the transfer will be sent after your application is received.
Submission  Period:July 15, 2023 to December 31, 2023
■ How to Apply
Please apply using here 『 Application form ( for individuals application)』
▪️Application flow
1.Apply using the ‘Application form (individual open call)
・After confirming your application, you will be contacted with information on how to pay the participation fee.
2.Payment of participation fees.
・After payment confirmation, you will be contacted with the data submission form (URL)
3.Submission of artwork data etc.
・After the data has been verified, you will receive a notification that your application is complete.
If you have any questions, please contact
■ Schedule

Please read before applying
■ Disclaimer
When applying, it is necessary for you to agree to the following disclaimer and the handling of personal information based on the Personal Information Protection Law. Please understand and consent to this before submitting your application.
Based on the regulations of the organizers and exhibition gallery, the following individuals will be declined:
– Individuals associated with organized criminal groups
– Individuals who violate the current criminal laws of their own country
In addition, the signer declares that the artwork submitted for evaluation/display is original, authentic, does not infringe upon the rights of third parties, does not violate current criminal laws, and is not transcribed or copied from other sources. The signer also affirm that he/she is the sole author of the artwork, has not used the works of third parties, and has obtained necessary permissions if there is a risk of violating the rights of the subject or model’s likeness or if there are any doubts regarding compliance. In such cases, the signer will attach relevant documentation or certificates at the time of submission. If any issues arises between the subject and related parties, our organization will not be involved.
The copyright of the entries belongs to the entrant. However, the entrant hereby grants the Organisers free of charge the right to reproduce, use, publish, advertise and display photographic images, including the exhibited works and exhibition scenes, for the purpose of publicity activities of VIZIONNAIRE. VIZIONNAIRE will not be involved in any disputes between educational institutions, art schools, art galleries, associations, their members and parents in relation to this prize.
■ Collection and Management of Personal Information
In prioritizing the privacy and protection of participants’ personal information, we hereby document important matters regarding the collection and management of personal information as follows:
1.Purpose of Personal Information Collection:
Participants’ personal information will only be used within the necessary scope for the operation of the art event, including participant management, artwork identification, award distribution, communication, and providing related event information. 2.Types of Personal Information Collected:
As minimal necessary personal information, we may collect the following items
– Participant’s name/contact details (email address, phone number, etc.)
– Information related to the art piece (title, description, technique, etc.)
3.Storage and Management of Personal Information:
The organizer will implement appropriate security measures to carefully store and manage participants’ personal information. Efforts will be made to prevent unauthorized access and leakage, and appropriate access controls will be implemented for personal information.
4.Provision to Third Parties:
he organizer will not share participants’ personal information with third parties. However, in accordance with legal requirements and applicable regulations, personal information may be provided when necessary.
5.Rights and Consent of Participants
Participants have the right to access, modify, and delete their personal information. The consent to the collection and management of personal information is voluntary on the part of the participants. Consent is deemed to have been given in advance when participants provide their personal information along with their artwork. We respect participants’ privacy and make utmost efforts to protect personal information. Based on the above policy and provisions regarding the collection and management of personal information, we handle participants’ information securely and carefully. When participating, please review this document and provide your understanding and consent regarding the provision of personal information.

■ Cancellation Policy
This exhibition may be cancelled due to unavoidable circumstances including the event period, social conditions, and weather conditions. Full refund of the exhibition fee will be granted under the following circumstances
1. When an application is cancelled due to unavoidable circumstances beyond the gallery’s or organizer’s control. 2. If the reception or exhibition is cancelled due to the convenience of the organizer or gallery. 3. If the cancellation is made by the exhibitor 31 days prior to the application deadline by sending an email to the following address:

The following persons will be charged a cancellation fee to cover the cost of exhibition preparation.
In the event of cancellation for the exhibitor’s own reason, a cancellation fee will be charged in accordance with the organization’s regulations below:
Cancellation before 31 days prior to the application deadline:
No cancellation fee until November 30, 2023, 23:59 JST
(Contact for cancellation: 
Cancellation before 30 days prior to the application deadline on December 31 JST:
will be charged 50%
Cancellation before 10 days prior to the application deadline on December 31 JST:
Will be charged 80%
For cancellations received after the application deadline (midnight in Japan time), no refund will be provided under any circumstances.
Please note that refunds are only applicable to the participation fee. Exhibition-related expenses, payment fees, bank transfer fees, payment reception fees, and other fees are not eligible for refunds. Refunds for these fees will not be provided. Non-participation of selected or award-winning artworks will not be allowed. Please understand this in advance.

This agreement was created in June 2023. Please note that the event schedule and dates may be subject to change due to various circumstances. Please be advised that we will make every effort to operate the event in a thorough manner, taking into consideration the possible effects of such changes. The Japanese version of these Terms and Conditions shall be the official text and shall be governed by the laws of Japan.