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Toubikai Newcomer Award 43rd Nagoya City Museum Exhibited at the Ueno Museum, Tokyo 20th Sosaikai, Newcomer’s Prize, Nagoya City Museum  23rd Sosaikai, Chunichi Newspapers Award, Nagoya City Museum

1. Happy Birthday Ann
I have a precious grandchild who is now 15 years old. I watch him grow up day by day. I can admire her for as long as I like, but she will grow up, fall in love, get a job and leave me. When I thought of that, I made this work of art using Japanese paper to keep the figure as it is now in my heart. I wanted to send this to her on her 15th birthday, so I took part in this exhibition to present her with the whole presentation of this exhibition. All of the paper cut-out works in this exhibition are drawn entirely with washi paper, except for the eye lines.
2. 曽爾高原
3. 夕映