Kaori Iwasaki
Art Gravity 2024

岩崎 かおり
🇯🇵 Japan

CEO, Art Director THE ART, INC.
株式会社THE ART代表取締役,アートディレクター

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Born in Ehime, grew up under the influence of parents who had a passion for art appreciation and traveling. From a young age, she developed a habit of exploring art both domestically and internationally. During her master’s program in graduate school, she studied management in the field of creative industries. Continuously visiting art fairs and galleries abroad, she realized the stark disparity between the Japanese and international art markets and the immense potential for further revitalization of the art scene in Japan. In 2018, while working at a major domestic bank, she co-founded an art club with like-minded individuals. The following year, she initiated an art project promotion within the bank and conceived the “Art Branch” project, which involved displaying contemporary artworks in the Nihonbashi branch. This groundbreaking endeavor in the domestic financial sector garnered significant media attention. Since purchasing Kōhei Nawa’s PixCell artwork at Art Basel, she has been captivated by the allure of art collecting and has embraced the role of an art collector herself. Currently, her personal art collection consists of approximately 250 pieces.