Jelena Blagojevic
🇷🇸 Serbia
Digital Artist
@divinelenia @divineartroom

My name is Jelena Blagojevic. I am from Serbia, born and living in city of Nis. My main artistic interest is photography. The love and passion for photography began as a child. During my education, I spent a long time researching and using the various styles, techniques and tools that comprehensive historical, contemporary and modern art offers. What represents me and my style is digital photography painting, vivid colors, achieving various abstract forms and shapes using still life concepts, human figures and faces, fabrics, lights and colors. Combining traditional photography created with specific camera lenses, digital painting and artificial intelligence, I’m trying to get the fluttering, misty, fantasy and aquarelle effect. By intertwining colors and shapes in the eye of the beholder, I encourage him to create his own association, to be encouraged by the whole composition and to dive into his world of emotions.

1. Vivid Bloom
This art work from the “VIVID BLOOM” collection represents twins in an unbreakable bond. They are positioned so that only one profile is visible. This depiction suggests a metaphor, the world within ourselves and the harmony we strive for. Like ourselves, we always strive for a balance between our opposites which in a perfect combination make a unique perfection. The name of the collection, “Vivid Bloom”, suggests strength and vividness, but at the same time tenderness and fragility. This composition beautifully represents the harmony that is achieved when opposites come together.
2. Cinderella
The image from the “CINDERELLA” collection depicts a modernized version of the classic fairy tale character. Unlike the traditional portrayal of Cinderella as a shy and demure character, this image presents her as a confident, brave, and strong woman who is not afraid to speak up for herself. The color palette used in the image is soft and gentle, suggesting that despite her newfound strength, she is still a romantic and gentle person at heart. Overall, the image portrays a powerful and modernized version of Cinderella, while still retaining the romantic and magical elements that make the fairy tale so beloved.
3. The Three Graces  
A group portrait from the collection “THE THREE GRACES” is inspired by the style and paintings of Sandro Botticelli, a painter of the Early Renaissance. Portraits with a futuristic twist contain traditional elements and traditional characteristics, such as renaissance beauty and classical poses, but with an updated, contemporary aesthetic. They are portrayed in poses that evoke the original composition, with graceful, flowing movements and serene expressions on their faces. Dresses are elegant with contemporary garments that draw inspiration from Renaissance clothing. The colors used are vibrant, incorporating hues that are not commonly found in traditional Renaissance art. The goal was to create a mix of old-world elegance and new-age futurism, showcasing a blend of timeless beauty and cutting-edge style. Their faces are unexpectedly decorated and painted, which adds a subtle modern approach to the traditional style.

These images were primarily created using AI software, MidJourney. After that images were enhanced and refined in other digital painting software. The faces of the models do not depict real individuals, but rather are generated through the use of advanced technology. This approach allows for a unique interpretation of the female form, while also pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the field of digital art.